Auto Accidents

Work with a motorcycle and truck accident lawyer in Davenport, IA

When you’ve been involved in an accident, you may be overwhelmed by all the paperwork needed to file your insurance claim successfully. Earl A. Payson, Attorney at Law can relieve you of that burden by working with your insurance company on your behalf. Attorney Earl Payson handles car, truck, and motorcycle-related accidents. You can trust him to work toward the highest possible reward for your claim. Your situation isn’t helpless when you have a truck and motorcycle accident lawyer in the Davenport, IA area on your side. Call 563-323-8056 NOW for your free initial consultation.

Auto Accidents

He won’t let a motor vehicle accident slow you down

Earl A. Payson, Attorney at Law has resolved many motor vehicle accident cases since he began his practice. He’ll make sure the guilty party is held responsible for their actions. Negligent driving contributes to many motorcycle-related accidents, and the non-motorcyclist is usually at fault. Semitrailers and 18-wheelers have a 50% higher crash rate than other vehicles, and the company that owns the truck is typically held responsible for any resulting injuries or death. When you hire Attorney Payson to take on your case, he will:

  • Gather the facts
  • Fill out the necessary documents
  • Craft a thorough and concise demand settlement for your claim

Choose an experienced truck and motorcycle accident attorney in Davenport, IA to handle your case. Contact Attorney Earl Payson today to discuss your situation in Eastern Iowa and Northwest, Illinois. He’s also a member of the Iowa and Illinois Bar Associations.

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