Recover From Traumatic Injuries

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Burns cause some of the most traumatic injuries, especially if you’ve suffered second-, third- or fourth-degree burns that have left permanent internal and external damage. Earl A. Payson, Attorney at Law will fight to get your due compensation. No matter how helpless you may feel, you’ll feel empowered with Attorney Earl Payson on your side.

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Attorney Earl Payson can help any burn victim

Attorney Earl Payson can help any burn victim

Earl A. Payson, Attorney at Law is a member of the Iowa and Illinois Bar Associations. If you’ve been injured by:

  • A chemical, gas or electrical explosion in a workplace accident
  • Chemical burns caused by hazardous materials
  • A serious car, truck or motorcycle accident
  • Faulty wiring or ill-maintained electrical components, panels or switchgear
  • Inhaling steam, heat or toxic fumes
  • Or defective products…

Contact Attorney Payson right away. He’ll examine your situation to build a strong case in your favor.

Work with a dedicated burn victim lawyer in the Davenport, Iowa area. Contact Attorney Payson today to discuss your case. He serves residents in the Eastern Iowa and Northwest Illinois.